Blythewood Polly Vermont

(Blythewood Vermont Legend x Callie-Ann)

March 6, 1999

Polly at 2008 Jersey Classic



Polly at the 4-H equine exhibit in 2003


Polly is linebred Jubilee King with outcrosses to Lippitt/Upwey Ben Don. Beauty and talent reign supreme from both sides of her pedigree. She has a superb floating trot and a loving nature. 


Blythewood Polly Vermont

Blythewood Vermont Legend

Shane Ashmore

Damon Ashmore

Lippitt Ashmore

Spring Darling

Woodstock Shawna Lee

Sam Ashbrook

Meredith Lass

Dunham Lucky Legend

Legend of Caven-Glo


Jubilee's Gloria

Lucky Annie 

Easter Vermont

Tubby Vermont


Hollybrook Topic

Tedwin Topic

Fiddler's Contender

Waseeka Cajun Queen

Rum Brook Rapture

Windcrest Donald

UVM Misty

Jillian Ashmore

Damon Ashmore

Lippitt Ashmore

Spring Darling

Serena Julie Ann

Eco Jubilo

Sierra Sonna Vermont


Blythewood Polly Vermont progeny

Blythewood Doc Hollywood (x Roadshow Doctor Pop)

Blythewood Polaris (x Lyonhil Quasar)

Blythewood Molly Bridget (x Raynyday Squire Jack)


Polly's Wins!!

2000 MHANJ Yearling Filly Year-End Champion

2000 NJ Bred Filly 1 Yr and Under Champion

2001 NJ Bred Filly 2 and Under Champion

2002 MHANJ Champion Mares 3 & 4 year old

2002 NJ Bred Year-End Champion 3 and over Mares

2008 Jersey Classic Mares 3 and over

SC Island Filigree 

(SC Island Gold Fire x Serena Rosebud)


"Aggie's" pedigree is nothing less than spectacular. Greats such as Torchfire, Jubilee King, Kingston, Knox Morgan, and others contribute to her rare and valuable bloodlines. Probably the only thing more spectacular than her breeding is her athletic ability. Now owned by Debra Davis


S C Island Filigree

SC Island Gold Fire

Senator Goldfire Hylee's Flame Fire Torchfire
Illawana Marie
Taha Tina Cloverland Andrew
Q Tawny
Oak Acres
Kellee Ann
Mr R's Emperor Kingston
Devan Empress
Oak Acre's Goldie Yellow Gold
June Beauty

Serena Rosebud

Jubilee Jazz Eco Jubilo Eco Lujo
Belle of Vermont
Bonnie Heather Red Vermont
Heather Angel Field
Rosita Vermont Rimrock Highview King
Rosy Vermont Red Vermont




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