Callie - Ann  #0133087

Hollybrook Topic x Jillian Ashmore

A superb athlete, Callie has a free and open trot, barely touching the ground.  Cantering in the pasture, she does one flying change after another -- effortlessly!  Callie personifies the elegance of the Jubilee King son, Red Vermont, plus the kindness and beauty of Lippitt Ashmore.  She also blends in the sensational qualities of Upwey Ben Don and UVM bloodlines coming down through Tedwin Topic. 

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Hollybrook Topic

Tedwin Topic Fiddler's Contender Red Pepper
Donna Mae Pepper
Waseeka Cajun Queen Waseeka's Nocturne
Rum Brook Rapture Windcrest Donald Upwey Ben Don
UVM Misty U V M Flash
UVM Empress
Jillian Ashmore Damon Ashmore Lippitt Ashmore Lippitt Ethan Ash
Lippitt Sally Moro
Spring Darling Springfield
Townshend Lass
Serena Julie Ann Eco Jubilo Eco Lujo
Belle of Vermont
Sierra Sonna Vermont Easter Vermont
Patty F


Callie-Ann progeny
Blythewood Polly Vermont (x Blythewood Vermont Legend)

Blythewood Acappella (x Aspenglow Genesis)

Blythewood Vermont Topic (x Blythewood Vermont Legend)

Blythewood Cherry PopTart (x Roadshow Doctor Pop)

Blythewood Rare Candor (x Raynyday Grand Finale)

Blythewood Abby Jaquith (x Raynyday Squire Jack)


Culpeper Sonata

Culpeper Crescendo x Early Morning Magic

Sonata came here at the tender age of 19. She's a lovely mare with a kind heart, a great pedigree, and a beautiful way of going.  Sonata is now living with our friends Stacy and Jay Bohn, keeping company with Stacy's gelding Blythewood Monterey Bay.


Culpeper Sonata Culpeper Crescendo Windy Hill Maestro Windcrest Music Man Waseeka's Nocturne
Windcrest's Delight
Irish Velevet Mr Breezy Cobra
Patty Pratt
Royalton Peggy Moro Lippitt Ashbrook Moro Lippitt Moro Alert
June of Glenmere
Royalton Lida Rose Royalton Ashbrook Darling
Lippitt Darling
Early Morning Magic Devan Hondo Devan Duke Captor
Tippy Tin
Devan Flirt OCR
Fancy Free
Sunswept Chief Sunglow Pride of King
Princess Toby
Pendleton Jean Sandman
Starlite Belle




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