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Jubal Ashmore (Damon Ashmore x Serena Julie Ann) has competed successfully in Carriage pleasure shows, with many championships and reserves to his credit, including Reserve World Champion Obstacle Driving Single Horse at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show in 1996.















Abbie and Jubal stop for a moment to pose as they return from a trail ride -- Summer 2009

Jubal Ashmore at the Laurels


Jubal Ashmore at Heritage Days 2006

Abbie and Jubal at Mason Dixon Show 2007

Jubal's 25th celebration - June 2011

Jubal headin' west

Jubal at Kingwood Community Day 2006

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Pretty Jubal

One of the culverts we drive through at the beautiful Fair Hill (Maryland) facility

Jubal has competed at the Preliminary, Open Preliminary, and Advanced Levels in combined driving events since 1990. He won at the Preliminary level at Gladstone in spring and fall of 1992 and finished 6th at the prestigious Festival of Champions  (his first event at the advanced level) in 1994.

In 1992, Jubal won the 20-mile division of the Fair Hill Performance Test.  He completed the 20 miles in 129 minutes (13 minutes faster than the fastest time for horses competing in the 15-mile division, pulling a total of 823 pounds of carriage, harness, people, and other equipment.   Only one horse finished the 20-mile distance in less time (124 minutes), but this other horse pulled only 540 pounds and was assessed more vet penalties than Jubal, giving us the winning score for the day.

In 1993, we entered the 15-mile division of the Fair Hill Performance Test, feeling that we were unable to train enough to do the entire 25 miles. We haven't figured out yet what it is about that facility that turns Jubal into a trotting machine, but he sure loves to turn it on there.  His time for 15 miles was 90 minutes - the fastest of his division and faster than 7 of 10 competitors in the 10-mile division completed their course.

Today, Jubal mostly is the mount of our granddaughter Abigail, but he still loves going for a drive.

Jubal's birthday party May 2011

Jubal makes his entrance with Abigail

Abigail and Jubal

Our son and his family pose with Jubal

Friends and family enjoyed the day (and so did Jubal!)


Blythewood Morgans in Competitions

Blythewood Bolero 2011

Coreen Ashmore (1st on left) in drill team

Montey at the GMHA CDE

Other Blythewood horses enjoyed by new owners

Blythewood Vermont Topic 2004

Blythewood Casino Royale in his first show (Mason-Dixon 2005)

Blythewood Beau Brummel

Blythewood Vermont Joy 2007

Heyday Vermont Spirit (by "Montey")


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