Some of Our Farm Pals

















Hummingbird at NJ feeder - Summer 2013

Box turtle in NJ - Summer 2013




Stella December 2012

Dallas Summer 2013



Daytona (2001-2013)

We said good-bye to Daytona in September 2013. He was 12 and his kidneys were rapidly failing.


Squeak winter 2009

Squeak and Daytona fall 2010


Peggy Sue (2001-2011)



Peggy Sue (2001-2011)



Alex was a special surprise gift sent to me by some very dear friends.  He is unique and exceedingly beautiful.   Thanks guys!!

We lost Tequila to feline immune deficiency syndrome in January 2004. We still miss our "Tequila Mockingbird".



Barn cat sisters Apricot and Martini. Apricot disappeared in the spring of 2009 and we lost Martini to cardiomyopathy just before Christmas 2009...just 3 weeks after her brother Rossi died.

Barn cat Rossi and Tabby
We lost Rossi just before Thanksgiving 2009, most likely a result of cardiomyopathy. Godspeed Rossi! Tabby crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the spring of 2011


  Garden spider 2006 - Sorry! But she was at our back door for several weeks and I just couldn't leave her out of our "family pets" page Deer family summer 2010



My rose...soooo beautiful!

My "rhodie


  Some of my little pansies - May 2008 (look close at the left of the flowers :-

My brand new peony - May 2008
What a beauty!!



Butterfly on my azalea - 2009




We can't ignore Toadie Boy, who patrols the barn for flies and insects. Looks like he's been doin' ok, doesn't it?

This little guy is actually only the size of a thumbnail



Red-bellied woodpecker December 2009


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