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paragraph.jpg (15102 bytes)Paragraph

Paragraph was considered to be a tall mare for her time, standing 15 hands


Paragraph was a golden chestnut mare, with a silver mane and tail.   She was bred by J. C. Brunk of Cotton Hill Farm in Springfield, IL, but spent nearly all of her life at the farm of Frances Bryant.  Foaled June 19, 1933, she was sired by Jubilee King, out of the mare, Nella.  Both granddams of Paragraph were similarly bred, one being a daughter of Knox Morgan and the other was his granddaughter.  Paragraph's pedigree is the result of many generations of careful selection and inbreeding by Mr. Brunk, who was truly a master breeder of Morgans.

Paragraph was described by Mrs. Bryant as being a truly "quality" mare, with an excellent rear end, a good croup, and nice tail set.   From Jubilee King, she inherited good legs and feet.  She was compact, with a short back.  Her way of going was elegant.  Her head was nice enough, but not dishy.  Mr. Bryant once noted that although Paragraph was a bit on the "snorty" side, and often pretended to see things that would make her act as though she should shy, she was really a terrific trail horse.  Eve Oakley also admired this superior mare and described her as being well built, solid, and straight moving.

  Paragraph was an excellent broodmare, producing 15 superb offspring, all for Mrs. Bryant.  She passed on all of her superior traits, and was felt to cross well with each stallion she was bred to and to bring improvement to each of them.  Some of her most notable get include: Supersam, Cavendish, Mansphyllis, Springfield, Precious Ashmore, and Prudence Ashmore.  These, and all of her other descendents were known, among other things, for their excellent temperaments.


(Jubilee's Courage x Paragraph). Cavendish was a concentrated source of Jubilee King blood, with both dam and sire having been sired by Jubilee King.

  Ygredv~1.jpg (22176 bytes) Red Vermont

"Red Vermont has been described as the most special, the most elegant...of the Jubilee Kings, with an incredible style and beauty"

Joanne Curtis

  Redvermont1.jpg (20354 bytes)

Jack Davis and Red Vermont

Bred by J. C. Brunk of Springfield, IL, Red Vermont was foaled in 1934.  He was sired by Jubilee King out of Daisy Knox.   The classic look of the Red Vermonts is a round, deep body, with necks set high on well laid back shoulders.  Many people of the day considered Red Vermont to the be finest Morgan stallion in the country.  He was purchased by Jack Davis and brought to California.  Mr. Davis, who previously had a large string of palominos, was approached by a Morgan owner who told him that his palominos would easily be beaten by a true Morgan stallion.

After he saw the quality of the Morgan, he wrote to the Morgan Horse Club, telling them he wished to find a dark chestnut Morgan stallion to purchase.   He went on to say that the horse must have flaxen in its mane and tail, sloping shoulders, flat croup, a fine head and fine bone.  He desired the action to be such that the hind legs were picked up as high as the front legs and he wanted the walk to be clean and snappy.  He was also looking for plenty of animation, but did not want the horse to appear to be climbing a ladder.  The Club answered him, saying they knew of only one horse to fit this description -- and that was Red Vermont, who was owned by Mr. Grace Woods, of Woodstock, Vermont.  Mrs. Woods wanted $5000 for the horse, but when she found out Mr. Davis' uncle was a good friend of her father, she reduced the price to $1000.  Quite a bargain!

Red Vermont produced 67 outstanding sons and daughters, including Easter Vermont, Lucky Vermont, Domino Vermont, Ginger Vermont, Sireson, and Jubilee Vermont.

    Serena Julie Ann and Jillian Ashmore
  Julieannweb.jpg (36073 bytes) Serena Julie Ann (left) (Eco Jubilo x Sierra Sonna Vermont) is the dam of Jubal Ashmore and granddam of Callie-Ann.

Her daughter Jillian Ashmore (x Damon Ashmore) is the dam of Callie-Ann and is a full sister to Jubal Ashmore.

  Cora Darling

 (Criterion x Spring Darling), granddam of Coreen Ashmore. Bred by Francis Bryant. A great producer for many years at the Quietude Stud.

  Coretta of Quietude

 (Criterion x Cora Darling), dam of Coreen Ashmore. Susan Hanley claims, "Coretta is one of our best producing mares."


Equinox Royalty

(Dyberry Bob x Royalton Debbie Darling). Winner of many trotting races and competitive trail rides. Royalty was well known for his speed, agility, endurance, and attitude. Royalty appears in the pedigrees of Blythewood Royal Isabella and twice in the pedigrees of her sons Blythewood Hawk Mountain and Blythewood Tommy Hawk. He also appears twice in the pedigree of Blythewood Baron Oakes.

  Hurricane Lake

(The Airacobra x Jenney Lake), a full sibling to Mr Breezy Cobra. He is the grandsire of Blythewood Royal Isabella.


Lyonhil Quasar

(Lyonhil Quintessence x Briarwood Audrey Ash). Seal brown Upwey Ben Don grandson,15.1 hands. Quasar was a powerful yet balanced mover. He had three lovely gaits; especially his outstanding collected canter and extended walk. He was very prepotent for classic type, dark bay or brown color, and excellent disposition. He was linebred to Ben Don, with an outcross to Lippitt through his maternal grandmother, the beautiful Lippitt Duplicate. Quasar contributed to many of our breedings because we found his beauty, grace, type, and temperament to be qualities we loved.

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