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Lippitt Ashmore

Lippitt Ethan Ash x Lippitt Sally Moro

Almost without exception, Lippitt Ashmore passed on his beautiful classic head to his colts

lippittashmor.jpg (17922 bytes) Lippitt Ashmore, the 7th offspring of Lippitt Sally Moro, and the 15th of his sire Lippitt Ethan Ash, was foaled May 5, 1952.  His dam was a beautiful mare, and was considered one of the highest quality mares by her owner and breeder, Robert Lippitt Knight. The cross of Sally Moro and Ethan Ash had been a successful one previously, producing Lippitt Royalton Ashbee, Lippitt Royalton Phoebe, and Lippitt Ethan Ann

Lippitt Ashmore at the age of 6

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Mrs. Bryant and "Tommy" were out on the roads of South Woodstock in summer and winter


Lippitt Ashmore was sold to Mrs. Robert R. Stoner, Jr., of Camp Hill, PA, when only 46 days of age.  Here, he suffered a severe viral attack that affected his kidneys, but he eventually recovered.

In 1956, Lippitt Ashmore (or Tommy, as he was known) was purchased by Mrs. Frances Bryant.  For many years, Mrs. Bryant and Tommy enjoyed the countryside around South Woodstock, VT, under saddle and in harness. She said he was her most trustworthy horse. 

He produced a total of 55 registered offspring, and almost without exception, they all had his beautiful head, classic type, and wonderful disposition. Then, at the age of 16, Tommy was retired and stood his last season at stud. The illness he had suffered in his younger years caught up to him and caused his joints to enlarge and become quite painful. He passed away in July of 1974, following a severe attack of emphysema.  Notable among his get (all having the "Ashmore" suffix) were Prudence and Patience (from Paragraph) and Libby, Dolly, and Damon (from Spring Darling).

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Damon Ashmore

Lippitt Ashmore x Spring Darling

May 13, 1964 - October 2, 1991

  Damon Ashmore (age 15)
and Mrs. Fran Bryant
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Damon Ashmore was one of 10 produce of the Lippitt Ashmore and Spring Darling golden cross.  He was sold as a weanling to Richard G. Progulske, with only one registered offspring (Damon Premier, out of Conette) while he was with this owner.  Mrs. Bryant purchased Damon back from Mr. Progulske in 1975.   Damon went on to sire a total of 33 get for Mrs. Bryant and others after his return to her ownership.  The last two foals sired by Damon were Coreen Ashmore (Coretta of Quietude) and Shane Ashmore (Woodstock Shawna Lee).  The last thing that Mrs. Bryant did before her death in 1991 was sit on the mounting block to watch these two foals as they were being led in from the field with their mothers.  Damon was euthanized in October of 1991, at the age of 27, according to Mrs. Bryant's wishes, although he was still in good health at this advanced age.


Gallery of Damon Ashmore offspring

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Sybil Ashmore

dam: Woodstock Shawna Lee

Owned by Marty Keely, Perkasie, PA

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Simpsonville Sybella

Noremac Sarah

Owned by Serena Chaves, VT


Coreen Ashmore

Coretta of Quietude

Owned by Tracy Lee-Izell, Oklahoma



Shane Ashmore

Woodstock Shawna Lee

Owned by
Will & Ellie Brownlee, Collinsville, TX


Jubal Ashmore

Serena Julie Ann

Owned by Kathy Newcomb

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